Don't Bother Running
(You'll Just Die Tired)

The first and only full-length demo-album by the band. Recorded live over 8 hours
without a producer, no over dubs, no mastering. Originally released on cassette in 1992. Recorded and released through Inhouse Records, Johannesburg, South Africa.  Click to Listen.

Soda Sex Fountain Compilation

Two, partly produced tracks included on CD compilation. Recorded and released
through Cube Records Johannesburg, South Africa in 1993. The track "Altered States" was featured as an outro to an episode of local TV series "Honeytown" aired through the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Five other South African bands were also included on the release. Click to listen.

Black Cathedral and Other Stories

Five tracks/live video takes included on Compilation video of bands associated with Inhouse Records, Johannesburg, South Africa. Released in 1993. Click to listen.

Destination Unknown EP

Four unmastered recordings done in 1995, at Savage Custard Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa. "Destination Unknown" listed on 5FM's Modern Rock Charts for six weeks, reaching forth position. Click to listen.

Who Can You Trust EP

Three demo tracks intended for an EP release. Recorded at Footprint Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1994. Live takes with lead overdubs. Unmastered, non-produced, unreleased. Click to listen.