Urban Assault positioned themselves between traditional metal and punk (on one hand) and death, black, grind and speed on the other. The band's overall thrust was to grow and consolidate an audience for heavy metal in general, while showcasing their own style of crossover/hardcore thrash.

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Bass - Simon White (Prev. Toxic Sox, Agent Orange)
Drums - Martin Coetzee (Prev. Toxic Sox, Hellion, Incubus)
Guitar - Darren Nelson (Prev. Kronos, Hellion)
Guitar - Michael Gill (Prev. Hellion)
Vocals - Steve Ireland

Memorable Events:

First club gigs at 'LeClub', Von Wiellig St, Jhb CBD , 'Club Image' Melrose St, Jhb CBD and 'The Fridge', Pretoria.

Recorded first demo tracks, 'Vietnam' and 'Religion' (Motorhead cover).

Bands who gigged with us: Pearl Necklace, Glass Harmonica, Aragorn.


Darran Nelson leaves the band due to day job commitments.

Bassist Simon White is replaced by Dirk Mrozek (Prev. Ragnarok/Helter Skelter).

Memorable Events:

Playing The Tony Hawk / Ray Barbie World Champs Skateboarding show, Standard Bank Arena, Jhb. 4500 pax. With S.A. pop bands 'Little Sister' and 'Walk This Way'. Aired nationally on SABC Topsport channel.

Alba and Devonshire Hotel gigs, Braamfontein, Jhb.

Monthly residency at Club 'Alcatraz', President St, Jhb CBD.

Bands who gigged with us: Asgard, Armageddon, Rawcous, Band of Gypsies, Phantom Scrolls (Previously The Psycho Reptiles), Ages of Accent.


Martin Coetzee is replaced on drums by Sven McAlpine.
Inhouse Records sign up the band on a one-album/18-month development deal.

Memorable Events:

Opening of the first 'Club 5', Loveday Street, Jhb with Band of Gypsies and Phil Wright.

Establishing and residing at the 'New Club 5', Gresham Hotel, Loveday Street, Jhb.

Bands who gigged with us: The Blast, Asgard, Desecrated Altar, Odyssey.


Darren Nelson, founder member and guitarist dies in motor accident in Jhb.

Kris Kotze (Previously Malakai/Jaded Jane) joins the band as lead guitarist.

Lawrence Bailie (Previously Oddyssey/Ragnarok) replaces Sven McAlpine as drummer.

Memorable Events:

Recorded 'Don't Bother Running' album, released on cassette (Inhouse Records).

Established/headlined bi-monthly residency at TJ's' Bar and Grill, Juta St, Braamfontien, Jhb.

4 tracks included on 'Black Cathedral and Other Stories' video (Inhouse Records).

Gigs at 'The Doors' club, Marshall St, Jhb CBD.

Gigs at 'The Summit Club, Claim St, Hillbrow, Jhb CBD.

Rock U '92 Concert on the farm, Benoni, Gauteng.

Bands who gigged with us: Ragnarok, Sepsis, Metalmorphosis, Brutal Awakening, Prophecy, Debauchery, Stryder, Helter Skelter, DJ Clifford Crabb (Agro).


Jerry Gulka replaces Dirk Mrozek as bassist.

Memorable Events:

Advertised to open for 'Napalm Death' (U.K.) on the Jhb leg of their March S.A tour, but declined for not being officially contracted to event.

Headlined monthly residency at 'The Stone Rose' (Prev. TJ's' Bar and Grill), Juta St, Braamfontien, Jhb.

Record demos 'Who Can You Trust', 'Self Imposed Damnation' and Twice 'round The Block' (not released)

Won second place in the 'Moster Metal Mayhem' battle of the bands, Jhb.

Opened for 'Carcass' (U.K.) on Jhb leg of Carcass national tour with 'Metalmorphosis'.

Monthly residency with Metalmorphosis at 'Dylan's', Rocky Street, Yeoville, Jhb.

Record tracks 'Long Way From Eden' and 'Altered States'. Included on compilation album 'Soda Sex Fountain' (Cube Records).

Gigs at Tattoos, New Oriental Centre, Randburg CBD, Jhb.

Bands who gigged with us: Metalmorphosis, Agro, No Friends of Harry, Ded Reckoning, Stryder, 2 Dogs Funking.

1994 - 1995

Adrian Lay (Previously Circus/Skin Palace/Bandit) replaces Jerry Gulka on Bass.

Justin Kerrod replaces Kris Kotze on lead guitar.

Jennifer McLeod (Previously Stone Wizard / Axe) replaces Lawrence Bailie on Drums.

Memorable Events:

Recorded demos 'Destination Unknown', 'Another Day', 'Altered States' and 'Pleasant Dreams' (Savage Custard Studios / Silva Moon Records).

Destination Unknown listed on national radio 5FM's 'Modern Rock Charts' for 6 weeks, peaking at 4th position.

'Altered States' included as an outro soundtrack to SABC TV show 'Honeytown'.

Bands who gigged with us: Sprog, Kings of Fire, Groinchurn, Jaded Jane

1996 - 1997

Jennifer McLeod and Justin Kerrod leave the band.

Adam Thomas (Previously Metalmorphosis / Balance / Pjinfist) joins as drummer.

Memorable Events:

National tour. Cape Town, Bloemfontien, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and Durban.

Oppikoppi "One Big Bang" festival - Northam, North West Province.

Record 6 tracks at Mega Music studios, Newtown, Jhb (not released).

Michael Gill decides to leave the band, and focus more on his online publication, 'Powerzone'

Last gig with 'No Friends of Harry', Rafters, Buccleuch, Jhb.

Bands who gigged with us: Blind, Desert Rose, P.I.T.T., No Friends of Harry, Brothering.

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